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Regulations of Funding

  • General Rules

  1. Based on the research network of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, InfleXion Lab focuses on the research of cutting-edge technologies of computer science such as big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain technology, facilitating the application of these technologies in fashion, retail, health, finance, crypto-currency, automobiles, education and etc, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship so as to become a powerful research platforms for start-ups all over the world.

  2. The research fund is available for researchers from all universities and research institutes in China. All the researchers who are engaged in the basic theoretical research or basic applied research in the related field are qualified to apply for the fund.

  3. Whoever applies for the research fund shall comply with the application guidelines issued by InfleXion Lab, and the research content shall be in line with the requirements in the scope of funding.

  • Scope of  Funding

  1. InfleXion Lab will designate the research topics to be funded.

  2. The research fund mainly supports the following two types of research topics, research topics with crucial applied value (focused research), and the cutting-edge research topics with long-term prospects (general research).

  • Requirements

  1. The applicant should be a  full-time researcher(including post-doctor) with relevant research experience.

  2. The applicant should obtain the consent of the university or the institution that he or she works for and meanwhile make sure that he or she has enough time and energy to complete the research project.

  • Procedures

  1. The applicant should fills out the project application form.

  2. Three copies of the “Application Form” paper signed and approved by the institution that the applicant work for should be submitted to the InfleXion Lab as well as an  electronic version of the Form.

  3. The application of the research fund will be attended to by the Lab quarterly.

  • Review process

  1. The Lab shall abide by the principles of impartiality and fairness to screen applicants. After a preliminary formal examination by the Lab, the application form will be examined by the advisory committee of the Lab, and the review results will be feedback to the Lab’s management committee for approval.

  2. The application in the following cases are invalid. First, the applicant haven’t filled out the Form according to the requirements or the form filled is incomplete; second, the employer of the applicant has not signed and approved the application form; forth, the research content in the form is not in line with the scope of funding.

  • Project implementation

  1. The infleXion lab will assign a staff to be responsible for the management of the research fund, whose responsibilities include, to supervise the usage of project funds; to follow up the progress and quality of the research project; to organise the examination and acceptance of the research results; and finally to report the research results to the Lab’s management committee.

  2. During the implementation process, the researcher should submit a mid-term report to the Lab for review.

  3.  The researcher should participate in the annual meeting of the Lab to report summary of the work, including the completion status of the project, and the catalogue of research results.

  4.  Shine Works shall have the priority to the transfer or transformation of the research outcomes of the projects funded.

  5. The funding for the innovative project is 150, 000 to 250, 000 yuan in general, and the funding period for each innovative project is six to eight months.

  6. The funding shall be released to the researcher in two allocations. The first half of the funding will be allocated to the researcher within a month after the application has been approved. The remaining of the fund will be allocated after the mid-term inspection of the project. For the projects with slow progress and poor results, the Lab have the right to terminate them early.

  • Supplementary

  1. This regulation is implemented after the approval by the management committee of InfleXion Lab, and InfleXion Lab reserves all rights for final explanation.

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