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Welcome to InfleXion Lab

InfleXion Lab aims to become a powerful research platform for innovators all over the world.


Who We Are

Combining the research network of Tsinghua University and collaborative colleges with the industrial resources of Shine Works, InfleXion Lab is dedicated  to promoting the industrialization of scientific & technological achievements, as well as encouraging innovation in the Greater Bay Area. Our research areas includes Big Data, AI, Robotics and Blockchain, etc. Through launching project-based activities,  InfleXion Lab aims to motivate technology development in fashion, finance, automobile, education and health and to become a powerful platform for innovators all over the world.


Empowering startups

With its strong research capabilities, InfleXion Lab is devoted to helping startups cross "the Valley of Death"( the gap between basic research and commercial success), encouraging innovation in the Greater Bay Area and growing into a powerful platform for innovators all over the world.


How We Work

Collect research topics

Collect a research topic from an innovator or a startup.


We will match the research topic with a related expert who comes up with a research proposal.


InfleXion Lab will finance the research and provide consulting support.

Review Meeting

We will hold a review meeting to examine the research results.


What Can We offer

Experienced Advisory Team

Professionals Talent Pool

Strong Research Capabilities

Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area


Our Research Areas

Digital social media

Machine Learning



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big data

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Artificial Intelligence


Upcoming Events

  • Project Exchange Seminar
    2019年11月07日 14:30
    信息大楼1813会议室, 西丽大学城清华深圳研究生院信息大楼1813会议室
  • Lecture(从数据到决策智能——数字时代零售消费行业变革) (1)
    深圳市南山区丽水路2279号,清华大学深圳国际研究生院 CIII-108
    2019年10月18日 16:00 – GMT+8 18:00
    深圳市南山区丽水路2279号,清华大学深圳国际研究生院 CIII-108, CIII-108, Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Lishui Rd No. 2279, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
    主讲人:任栋霓(Tony Ren) 一面数据创始人CEO,香港科技大学计算机科学本科,硕士,博士毕业

Contact Us

Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, University Town of Shenzhen, Lishui Road No. 2279, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

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